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January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012 Special Session

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Meeting Notices
Meeting notices will be posted as they are scheduled with a brief description of the purpose of the meeting.

Local Laws
Introductory and Permanent Local Laws will be posted as they are submitted.

Accepted Studies, Presentations and Other Documents
Documents presented to the Legislature will be posted here as they become available. 

Each year, the Clerk of the Legislature produces the Proceedings of the County Legislature, a Municpal Guide for Broome County and an Annual Report of the Legislature and Clerk of the Legislature which are available here.          

Legislative Business Archives
All Session Minutes from 1991 to the current Session are available here.                                     

The information in this section will be made available as it is approved according to the legislative proceedings spelled out in the Rules of Order.

When searching the different files, please remember there is no guarantee that a resolution that is approved in a certain committee will be adopted in the regular legislative session or that it will be signed by the County Executive. There may also be times that floor amendments are offered on a resolution, altering the resolution’s original wording from the way it read at the time of the committee meeting in which it was approved. These changes will be noted in the Session Minutes and released the following month upon approval.

Adopted Resolutions will be delivered to the County Executive the next business day after the Legislative Session. Once they are returned to this office, signed or otherwise, the legislative cycle is complete.  Checking the site regularly is encouraged to track the life of a resolution.

Most of our meetings are open, including committee meetings and legislative sessions.  The County Legislature operates under a strong committee system. If a person would like to address the members of the Legislature, we suggest that person attend the committee meeting where the topic is being discussed or which has jurisdiction over the area in question. At the committee meeting, that person need only ask the Chair for permission to address the committee on a particular topic. If time permits, permission should be and usually is granted. Those who wish to make a presentation to a committee should contact the Clerk of the Legislature prior to the meeting to be considered for inclusion on the agenda. 

Committee agendas will direct you to the correct committee and meeting time. Agendas are located on Legislature webpage under the Legislative Business section.

While there is no slot on the agenda of the regular legislative sessions for the public to speak,  people who have appeared before any special or standing committee and have requested privileges of the floor to be granted that privilege by the chair upon recommendation by a majority vote of the members of the committee before which said person testified.

If a public official wishes to address the Legislature, they should contact the Chairman prior to the beginning of the session. The Chair of the Legislature need only recognize and grant privilege of the floor to that public official for them to address the Legislature.