Mental Health

Broome County Mental Health Department

The Broome County Mental Health Department is responsible for planning, developing, and evaluating mental hygiene services in Broome County. These mental hygiene services include alcoholism and substance use services, mental health programs, and services for persons with developmental disablities. Beyond its regulatory role as the local governmental unit, the Department of Mental Health operates various programs.

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Broome County Mental Health Annual Reports

Broome County Mental Health Notice of Privacy Practices

Broome County Mental Health/Social Services Performance Management Dept.

Broome County Mental Health Compliance Information

The Broome County Mental Health Clinic is no longer open.

If you have a mental health emergency, please contact the Crisis Center at 762-2302

If you are seeking a mental health provider, you may contact any of these local OMH Licensed Agencies:

  • Greater Binghamton Health Center (GBHC) - Community Treatment & Recovery Center (CTRC) at 607-797-0680
  • Lourdes Center for Family Health at 607-584-4465
  • Family & Children's Society Family Mental Health Clinic at 607-729-6206
  • UHS Outpatient Mental Health Clinic at 607-762-2340

If you are in need of your medical records, please mail your request to:

     Broome County Mental Health Department
     36-42 Main Street, Binghamton, NY  13905

Or you may fax your request to 607-778-6189

Broome County Mental Health Department Contact Information

36-42 Main Street, 1st floor
Binghamton, NY 13905

  • Administration - 607.778.2351
  • Forensics Unit - 607.778.2126
  • Crisis Intervention Team - 607.778.8982
  • Dual Recovery Coordinator - 607.778.1162
  • Promise Zone - 607.778.1146
  • Performance Management - 607.778.1148
  • Re-Entry Coordinator - 607.778.1364
  • SPOA Coordinator for Children- 607.778.1102
  • SPOA Coordinator for Adults - 607.778.1119

Dual Recovery Project Review Committee

The Review Committee has established referral and release of information protocols for the review process to assist in settling disputes regarding client care or access to services.

Community Services

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