2018 Equalization Rates

SWIS CodeMunicipal NameEqualization Rate
030200City of Binghamton84.00
032000Town of Barker100.00
032200Town of Binghamton66.90
032400Town of Chenango70.00
032600Town of Colesville8.11
032800Town of Conklin63.90
033089Town of Dickinson74.63
033200Town of Fenton65.00
033400Town of Kirkwood71.50
033600Town of Lisle100.00
038000Town of Maine65.00
034000Town of Nanticoke57.00
034289Town of Sanford58.00
034489Town of Triangle100.00
034689Town of Union4.32
034800Town of Vestal100.00
035089Town of Windsor69.50

The Equalization Rate for a municipality is the assessed value of the real property in a town as determined by the local assessor divided by the state's appraised value of that same real property. This ratio is stated as a percentage. At an equalization rate of 100%, assessments are at full market value.

The uses of equalization rates include the determination of assessment equity within a town, the calculation of the value of certain exemptions from real property tax, and the distribution of school district taxes across town lines.