BC Lift ADA Register

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BC Lift Application

How do I apply?

There are two parts of the application:

  • Part 1 will need to be completed by you as the applicant.
  • Part 2 will need to be completed by your health care professional.

On both parts, your will need to provide reasons why and under what conditions you cannot use BC Transit's fixed route system.

If you cannot download the application, you may contact us, and we will be glad to send you one.

BC Lift Eligibility

How does BC Lift determine my application?

Your application will be reviewed by the BC Lift Eligibility Committee. The Committee considers the nature of your physical, visual, and/or mental functional abilities and limitations and how it relates to any potential and existing barriers including:

  • Environmental conditions (i.e. weather)
  • Environmental barriers (i.e. architectural barriers, steep hills, temporary construction)
  • Your ability to use and navigate BC Transit's fixed route system independently.

Provide as much detailed and relevant information as possible. Information you provide is kept confidential. The diagnosis of a potentially limiting illness or condition does not in of itself qualify you.

How long does this process take?

Within 21 days after the Department of Public Transportation receives your application, the BC Lift Eligibility Committee determines your eligibility.

How will I know if I am approved?

You are sent a letter explaining conditions of your eligibility which are:

  • Permanent which means your disability or health condition prevents you from using fixed route buses for all trips. You will still have to reapply at least every three years.
  • Temporary which means your disability or health condition is expected to change within a specified period of time.
  • Conditional which is unique to your circumstances and includes details under which conditions you are eligible for BC Lift and when you can use BC Transit's fixed route buses.
  • Ineligible which means you do not meet the eligibility criteria. Anyone denied eligibility will be sent information about the appeal process.

What if my conditions change?

If your conditions change contact us, and update your information.

What is the ADA card for that came with my approval letter for?

ADA CardAn ADA card is included with the approval letter. You may use your ADA card on the BC Transit fixed route system to qualify for reduced cash fare or to purchase an Elderly/Person with Disabilities (E/D) bus pass. Show this card when paying half fare or purchasing a bus pass.

Can I use the regular routed buses too?

Yes you can. We encourage you to use BC Transit's fixed route system if you are able. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that the fixed route bus service should be the primary means of public transportation for everyone, including persons with disabilities.

We offer persons with disabilities reduced rates on our fixed route system.

Travel training is available. Contact our Mobility Manager for more information.